Regulations of the competition

Regulations of the competition.

I. Purpose.

– Promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

– Determination of the best participants among men and women in different age categories.

– Determination of the best teams.

– Promoting the idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle and physical activity of citizens on the example of Scandinavian walking.

– Maintaining and promoting an active lifestyle among people with disabilities.

– Attraction of ordinary citizens for systematic sports activities.

II. Place and time.

– Indicated separately in the annex to the Regulations.

III. Temporary program of competitions.

– one day before the competition

– from 18.00 to 20.00 the organizational department is working directly at the venue.

– on the day of the competition

– from 8.30 the organizational department begins its work.

– each individual event may have another temporary program.

– All competitors are invited to the start-up town 10 minutes before the start at their own distance.

– Information on the provisional programs of each event, place and time of their holding is posted on the website and in the organizational department.

IV. Organizer.

– Federation of the Scandinavian Walk of the Republic of Belarus.

– Host (customer of the event)

V. Distance.

– Competitions are held at three distances:

– 5 km.

10 km.

21.097 km. (half marathon)

VI. Registration of participants and payment.

– registration and payment are held by the participants in two ways:

1. registration and payment takes place through the Internet resources that are available on the federation’s website

2. Registration and payment takes place directly in the organizing department at the venue of the competition.

– The participants who register and take part in the competitions place the responsibility for their own health on themselves. The registration of the participant is perceived as a confirmation of acceptance of the terms of this Regulation and the Rules of the competition.

– The size of the cost of participation depends on the level and rank of the events held.

– The payment made can not be returned or transferred to the next event.

– If you pay via electronic systems during the receipt of start packages, you must show a receipt for payment.

– If the payment was not made in full or after the end of the fixed period – such payment is considered not valid and can not be returned.

– Payment is made to the bank details indicated on the Federation’s website with the indication of the data: Surname, Name of the participant, name and date of the event.

– The Organizer is not responsible for the loss of the registration form sent by mail or improper payment through the fault of the bank and other organizations.

– Payment for start includes:

– issuance of two start numbers, time measuring equipment (return chip), souvenir from the organizers, water restoring food.

– Check of participants, issuance of start numbers, start packages will take place in the organizational department of the competition upon presentation of a document proving the identity (passport).

– When registering for participation in the competitions, the participant confirms that he is acquainted with the rules of the competition, the Regulation and agrees to use his personal data by the Scandinavian Walk Federation.

– The registered participant expresses his consent to use his image (photos and video materials) in order to promote and develop the Nordic Walk.

VII. Rules of participation and technology of motion.

1. Nordic walking competitions are held in accordance with the rules of the Federation of Scandinavian Walk of the Republic of Belarus.

2. People with disabilities (disabled persons of different groups) who participate only at a distance of 5 km can participate in the competition. In coordination with the organizers, the distance can be reduced. For the participation of such athletes it is necessary to provide a document duly certified by a doctor, where it will be indicated that there are no contraindications to participate in these events. These participants start in separate categories with a division into men and women, and also according to the type of disability without separation by age. Participants with disabilities who participate in longer distances are classified in general groups. A participant with a disability confirmation can be classified in only one category (or in a general group with age or group division for people with disabilities), points are awarded only in one category. If a participant has registered in a group with disabilities, then he is classified only in this group.

3. Methods of separation by type of disability:

Type A – this category includes people with musculoskeletal disorders and neurological diseases.

Type B – this category includes participants with other diseases equated to disability.

4. All participants taking part in the competition must pass a check with a passport in the organizational department.

5. Participants in categories with disabilities must provide a copy of the medical document at least three days in advance. The above documents can be sent to a fax machine or by e-mail.

6. Participants registered for participation in the competition confirm that they can participate at the selected distance and do not have medical contra-indications for playing sports. In the organizational department, each participant personally signs a statement about the absence of medical restrictions for participation in competitions. In exceptional cases, this decision can be made by the medical team serving the event.

7. Participants who have not reached the age of 18 at the time of the start must have written permission from their parents to participate in the competition.

8. In the competitions held by the Federation of the Republic of Belarus, athletes from other countries may participate without restriction.

9. Each participant must have a sporting uniform that meets the weather conditions. It is recommended to participate in competitions with own sticks. Pay special attention to the folding sticks, all elements must be securely fastened.

10. Each participant must have a starting number attached to the sports shirt in the chest and on the back. It is forbidden to cover partially or completely starting numbers, for this violation a participant may be disqualified. It is forbidden to use your own starting numbers.

11. At the time of participation in competitions there is an opportunity to take sticks for hire under a returnable bid bond. Availability of rolling poles not less than 50 pairs. The amount of the refundable deposit is indicated at the rental location. Participants should familiarize themselves with the manufacturer’s instructions and the recommendations of the organizers.

12.Participants should be especially careful at the warm-up, so as not to cause injury to other participants.

13. On the Scandinavian Walk competitions, the division according to age categories occurs on the basis of the participant’s year of birth.

14. Participants in Nordic walking competitions are classified in the following age categories:

15. Team competitions.

– Each team exhibits participants at different distances and gets points for it.

– The team scores the following points:

– 5 km. – 3 women and 3 men with the best result

– 10 km. – 2 men and 2 women

– 21.097 – 1 male and 1 female

– Points are added according to the results obtained in each age category. The team that wins the most points wins.

– Participation of teams with incomplete composition of participants is allowed, which affects the obtaining of points in the team event.

– It is allowed to expose two or more teams from one organization or club.

– Participants are allowed to take part in two distances, if possible.

16. Rules of team competitions at separate distances.

– a distance of 5 km. – 5 men and 5 women

– a distance of 10 km. – 4 men and 4 women

– The distance is 21 km. – 3 men and 3 women

VIII. Scoring

1. Points are awarded to participants according to the occupied place in the final protocol.

1 place – 100 points
2 nd place – 80
3rd place – 70
4th place – 60
5th place – 50
6th place – 45
7th place – 40
8th place – 35
9th place – 30
10 place -25
11th place – 24th
12th place – 23rd place
13 place – 22
14 place – 21
15 place – 20
16th place – 19
17 place – 18
18th place – 17th place
19th place – 16
20th place – 15th place
21st place – 14
22 place – 13
23rd place – 12th place
24th place – 11th
25 place – 10
26th place – 9th place
27th place – 8th place
28th place – 7th place
29th place – 6th place
30 place – 5
31st place – 4
32 place – 3
33 place – 2
All following places 1

IX. Rewarding.

– Announcement of results and awarding is held on the day of the competition.

– All participants who have completed the distance at a set time receive a commemorative medal.

– Participants who have won prizes at a distance of 5, 10, 21 km in their age categories, according to Section 7 of clause 14 of this Regulation, are awarded cups (statuettes). In the conduct of team competitions, an award is awarded in the category OPEN, the best 5 teams are awarded.

X. Distance.

– On the road there is a medical service point. In the event of injury to the competitor, this is reported to the service personnel who transmit the information to the health care point.

– On the track there are judges who monitor the observance of the rules of the Nordic walking technique.

– The route plan and starting protocol is in the organizational department.

– If there are places for changing the surface of the route, a corridor of 50 meters in length is provided to change the stick attachments. During this distance segment, the technique of movement is not judged by the judges.

– The route is designated by a protective tape and special plates.

XI. Storage of things and locker rooms.

– During the event, participants can use the services of storing things in a specially designated place. Acceptance of things for storage and return to the participant is made only upon presentation of the starting number.

– The organizer is not responsible for things left unattended. In case of loss of the number, the organizer disclaims responsibility for the transfer of things.

– before the start of the competition and after their end, participants will be given the opportunity to change their clothes.

XII. Other

– All disputable moments are decided by the Organizer together with the Chief Judge of the competitions.

– Failure to comply with the Rules may serve as a basis for the disqualification of the participant.

– The filing of protests takes place within 30 minutes after the announcement of unofficial results.

– Participants are obliged to observe fire safety rules in places where citizens gather and observe order in the venue of the competition.

– All participants are guided by the Scandinavian walking rules and this Regulation.

– Only the Organizer and the Chief Justice can amend the Rules.

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