Rules of Good Tone

1. Correct technique of advance: Oral warning in front of the participant with the following phrase: Forward left – leftfree – lewawolna.

2. I do not run up when the judge does not see.

3. We do not gather in large groups so as not to interfere with others.

4. I do not trash on the track.

5. I try to walk the most correct technique.

6. I support other participants without leaving the track.

7. I throw glasses for the track.

8. I follow the rules of fair fight – “FairPlay”: I take care of the health and health of others. I give help to those in need on the road.

9. I use inventory specially designed for Nordic walking.

10. I do not use headphones while driving.

11. I observe personal culture of conduct during the competition.

12. We resolve all disputes in accordance with the rules and Regulations of the Federation of the Scandinavian Walk of the Republic of Belarus.

Федерация скандинавской ходьбы